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The object for which the Association is established are “The Electronic Media Marketing Association (EMMA)” belonging to members of the association, and the doing of all such other thing as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above object : (All the objects will be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the Government / Concerned authority/ Competent authority before implementation of Association):

  • To provide a common place for the Association of the members of the Association and other conveniences such as office, entertainment facilities, refreshing and other amenities as may be possible from time to time.
  • To protect the interest of the members and the privileges of the profession;
  • To cooperate the stake-holding Associations for the interest of the members or the community;
  • To build a platform for the marketers or members of Electronic Media of Bangladesh where the consultation, useful legislative initiative will be provided;
  • To act as a negotiator or lobbyist whereas it is necessary in favour of any of the member of the Association.
  • To raise the standard of consultancy and of professional assistance to the members or interested through training session, workshop and other learning methods as paid or cutesy ;
  • To aid for deserving members or marketers or others (depending on the consent of the majority of the Executive Committee) in seeking and securing appropriate and adequate relief either in aid or in financial assistance mood;
  • To arrange cultural or sports or social or business events which may be for non- profitable or profitable or as donation.
  • To assist the members in confirming to determining, ascertaining, opinion on matters connected with professional etiquette;
  • To maintain and develop goodwill and amicable relations among the members of the profession;
  • To acquire funds, lands, buildings and other properties or assets both movable and immovable & tangible and intangible & hold the same for and in the interest of the Association by ownership of the Association;
  • To raise funds, to borrow and to secure payments of money in such manner as the Association may think fit by the approval of the acting Executive Committee or the acting substitute authority (in case of vacancy of any member of the committee or the dissolved committee) ;
  • To organize Association conference, Association Committees or other meetings for advancement of the cause of the profession, to organize Association dinners and other social gathering including cultural activities with a view to affording recreation to the members of the Association or the relevant stake-holders of the Association like Channels, Radio, Portals, Agencies, Companies, Govt. bodies and any other recommended by the Executive Committee ;
  • To publish journals, bulletins, circulars, leaflets or other periodicals dealing with Media and Media Marketing in printed or non-printed form (on-line or others);
  • To maintain on-line domain (website) or others Identical Online Media such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. to carry propaganda in favor of the Association.
  • To receive any contributions, donations, gifts or grants of all sorts from any other source what-so-ever with or without any condition to carry-out the aims and objects of the Association and vice-versa by the approval of the Executive Committee (or acting Committee in absence of the Committee;
  • To organize Benevolent Fund, Welfare Fund, Group Insurance Scheme or any other Fund or Funds or Scheme for the benefit of the members and their families and dependants or Provident Fund or any other Funds for the members or staff of the
  • Association ;
  • To get affiliated, to join with any National or International Association /Organization as a member or otherwise for the maintenance, development and safeguarding the interest of the legal profession and the Consultants particularly the Marketing Consultants of the country and the abroad;
  • To extend help to the distressed people at the time of natural disaster and to receive contribution, donation etc., from the members of the Association or from any other source as a social responsibility;
  • To create a fund known as accommodation fund for acquiring any land, building or other properties for the accommodation of the Association or for any other purpose relating to the welfare of the members of the Association;
  • To do all such other acts as may be considered necessary and conductive to the welfare of the Association:
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